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The Alchemist Greek St | Where to Eat

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Last week I was contacted by the lovely Sales and Events Manager down at The Alchemist Greek Street, Leeds about attending a bloggers' meal where we got to try out their new menu and cocktails, and it's safe to say I was shitting myself. I'd been so distant from both the blogging and Instagram world since focussing on the final year of my degree so the idea of being surrounded by real bloggers was SO nerve-racking! But, as the event fell on the day of my final exam (and I'd already spent most of the day celebrating with a tipple or two at the Students' Union) I butchered up the courage and went! And my gosh am I glad I did!

We started off sampling the 'Tickle Me Pink' gin-based cocktail at the bar, which included a syringe of nettle stings - a great conversation starter trust me - getting to know all the other bloggers at the event before being seated.

At the table we were served SO many sharing plates that my eyes literally popped out of my skull! Starters included: crispy avocado, pork bon bons, thai fishcakes, padron peppers and satay prawns.

These were all so yummy and although I didn't sample the bon bons as I'm trying not to eat meat, the group I sat with definitely agreed these were their favourites! If you like fish then you HAVE to try the fishcakes as these were so so so good!

Mains included: crab tacos (my FAVE), salmon, vegetable skewers, cous cous salad, rocket salad, a burrito and a mini chicken basket. I loved that this course showcased all the different customers The Alchemist cater for, whether you eat meat, fish or are vegetarian or even vegan.

I assumed this was where the food would stop but OMG THE PUDDINGS(!) We were given the lemon polenta cake and belgian waffles to try but HANDS DOWN 100% the best dessert was the chocolate brownie with salted caramel sauce - like you actually need to go and try this!

Throughout the night we also tried two other cocktails, the Mad Hatter's tea party (pictured above and served in a tea cup) and a rhubarb and custard sour. Cocktails at The Alchemist have always been my fave but it was great getting to try ones I've never ordered before! As my first real experience of a bloggers' event, my evening at The Alchemist was really lovely and I'm so glad it's put me back in touch with my writing. 

If you're also interested in sampling the menu then The Alchemist Greek St will be holding a Culinary Circle X Sipsmiths event where you can sample the same 3 course sharing menu and gin tasting on the 6th July @ 7-10pm for a minimum of 6 per booking, which I'd highly recommend! 


Winter florals (and a return to blogging!) | fashion

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Dress: Zara
Bag: Michael Kors
Boots: Public Desire
Lipstick and Liner: Kiko

Hello again! Its been a long time since I put pen to paper (so to speak) and wrote a blog post, but I've been missing it so much recently that I decided it was time I stuck a little something online. 

Of course, I hadn't really fallen off the internet (take a peak at my Instagram and Twitter if you want to see what I've been up to for the past few months), but I certainly did fall out of love with blogging, and everything that comes with it. 

Instead of being an escape, blogging was becoming another stressor. I'm a small blogger but I was getting so many emails of brands that wanted to manipulate that and quite frankly just take the p*ss that it was getting me down. That and the fact my photos are of serious low iPhone quality, I never had the right lighting or white marbled backdrops and my Instagram followers have been dropping like flies (I've now lost over 500 since I stopped trying to post aesthetically pleasing photos). 

I'm well aware that what may appear to be a marbled bathroom counter is actually a £3 plastic sheet from eBay and salads paraded over Instagram are often followed by a bag of crisps, but I don't want to pretend I'm something I'm not, and most commonly I'm a girl sat in three jumpers and a dressing gown with no makeup on and my hair on top of my head, freezing my arse off in a student house. And whilst I know I should be grateful for the brands that offer to send small bloggers like me their products helping us build our work, I'm not prepared to lie and say I like something when I don't, like the e-cigarettes that I've been sent in the past! 

So, for now, here's the real me. Taking a mirror selfie in my messy student room because I haven't got someone to take one for me, but because I still wanted to document my outfit. 

Hopefully see you around soon, 

love a happy and 100% real me :) 


The dungaree | fashion

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Dungarees: River Island
Top: River Island (sold out)
Boots: Public Desire
Bag: Michael Kors

Six months ago I'd have thought the only way I'd be back wearing a dungaree dress this side of the millennium would be if time travel was created and three year old me had popped over from the 90s to say hey. And yeah, that's photographic evidence of me working a bow slap bang on the top of my head in 1999 below. 
But I'm full of beans that I can once again rock the 90s trends that baby me was only just a part of, this time adding a pair of lace up thigh highs to make the look a bit more age appropriate.
And top tip: thigh highs are the perfect add on in spring when its not warm enough for full blown naked-legness yet.

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4 Things to do When You're Offline | lifestyle

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As a blogger it can be nearly impossible to get away from the internet but sometimes you've just got to physically force yourself to exit all social media apps, sit your phone on the side and just have some YOU time! Saying this, going on an internet ban can actually make you realise just how bored you can quickly get, so here's my favourite things to do when I'm at home and not online.

01/Plan outfits
Experimenting with different clothing combos to create new styles is one of my favourite things to do, especially when you finally work out how to wear that item you've had at the bottom of the draw for months because you've never known what to pair it with. Work out how to dress up or dress down the same outfit for blog post inspo or so you can build a collection of outfits for each occasion in your head so you always have a go-to outfit when you don't have time to plan what to wear in the mornings.

02/Read a magazine and get inspired
I'm sorry but unless I'm under a parasol on a v sunny beach with a mojito at arms reach then I just can't commit to reading an entire book so I'm not even going to try. Magazines are so much more up my street, giving them a flick through every so often to find inspo for all aspects of life. If you're a fan of Pinterest go old school and cut out or book mark recipes/outfits/makeup looks instead then have a go at recreating them. My current obsession is ASOS magazine, I just wish it could be a weekly!

03/Have a clear out
Clear outs are my guilty pleasure, which is lucky considering how much crap I can accumulate in a month or two. Clear your handbag from receipts, empty your drawers and only put back things you actually use and see how many bin bags you can fill. Guaranteed to take way longer than you expected and will make you feel sooooo good afterwards!

04/Take photographs
When the lighting's good, make use of it! Nothing is worse than when your Instagram is looking as dry as the Sahara Desert but there's no natural lighting to snap a good quality image to stick up. Take photos to show case your latest purchases or take some that can be used in blog posts then just wait for future you to thank yourself!

What do you like doing when you're having a mini escape from being online?

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Update: I have my own domain! | lifestyle

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If you haven't grasped it by the title of this post yet, I finally have my own domain! So first of all, a very warm welcome to the new!

For those who don't know what this means, it means i got rid of the .blogspot in my web address by buying my own domain from, making my page look a whole lot more professional. For those interested in how to do this, I just typed in what I wanted the name of my domain to be (lizzyorr) and then the website shows you whether this is available and the various prices for .org, and .com etc. I chose .com because I thought this looked most professional, and by googling GoDaddy discount codes I managed to get this for 99p rather than what the website was offering me (about £7.99).

Setting up the domain seemed tricky at first, but following this amazing how-to guide on The Wonder Forest's blog made it pretty straight forward, so if you're ready to make the step to having your own domain be sure to check this out.

Other than that, nothing's changed too much round here! I have a stash of content that I'm in the midst of creating and I'm looking towards buying a new layout for my blog as my current layout literally sucks all motivation out of me because of how uninspiring I find it. But for now I'm all about behind the scenes planning and focusing more on my other social media platforms (and of course the inevitable degree and looming summer exams) but I promise you there are good things to come.

By now you all probably know my love of Instagram, but recently I've been trying to branch out into other areas social networking so will leave links to all of that below so I can see you over there! Have a fabulous Easter weekend.

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Personal shopper | ASOS

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Everyone knows scrolling through the 'new in' section on ASOS is lethal, but tell yourself it's all in the name of blogging and you'll feel a little less guilty for it.

Here's my current top picks from, with all items linked as always. Happy shopping! 


My favourite makeup products | beauty

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For whatever reason, I've been getting a lot more into makeup recently, so without babbling on here's my mostly new, with an old fave or two chucked in for good measure, favourite makeup products and gizmos.

Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation

Recently I went home and being me, forgot to take my Dior foundation. Not wanting to splash too much cash for a temporary replacement I went to look round the more affordable foundations at Boots. Finding a new foundation is honestly my idea of a nightmare, but I recognised this as the foundation Sarah Ashcroft (who always looks insanely flawless) wears, so picked it up in the lightest shade. Since buying this I haven't looked back, its the perfect coverage for me, not think or cakey, but does a good job at dulling down my acne scarring. And to be totally honest, I probably reach for this more than I do my £32.50 alternative.

Rimmel Stay Matte Powder

This is a product I bulk buy in when Boots has any sort of offer on. My skin's naturally very oily, but this compact is so easy to throw in my bag so I can reapply powder throughout the day, and the powder is translucent so it doesn't make your base look cakey.

Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer

A cult fave. Perfect consistency, doesn't crease, and is bang on the money when it comes to covering those dark eye circles.

Beauty Blender

I am SO late to the hype I know, so I won't go on too long about this. But long story short - there's no way I'll ever go back to applying my foundation or concealer with a brush. Flawless, speedy application, sorted.

Makeup Academy Pro Elysium Palette 

This palette is the perfect mix of shimmer and matte shades, with a perfect bone shade for your base, then gorgeous gold and neutral pink shades for the day and darker shades including a brown, plum and black for the perfect smoked out look at night. The palette also comes with a pencil eyeliner and highlighter, but admittedly I've never actually tried these out.

Bourjois Light 

My absolute favourite brow bone and inner corner highlight which I 100% need if I want to look awake in the mornings!

Laura Mercier Eyebrow Pencil

So many 'blonde' eyebrow pencils are warm-toned and a bit gingery. I've always love this pencil because it's almost like a cool, light toned brown that matches natural blonde hair perfectly. I still, however, haven't worked out why sometimes when I order this pencil it comes with a spoolie on one end and a sharpener, and other times it doesn't.

Kevin Aucoin Sculpting Powder

The game changer. When it comes to contouring, Kevin Aucoin can't be beaten. Instead of using a warm-toned bronzer that's in danger of giving me a muddle, orange line, applying this with my Real Techniques flat contour brush gives the perfect appearance of a shadow below the cheek bones I don't really have.

Charlotte Tilbury Lip Cheats

Call me crazy, but recently I've been using two lipliners on my lips at the same time. My natural lips are so pasty and pale, so I fill in my lips with pillow talk (if anyone knows of a lipstick shade similar to this please let me know!), then outline them with iconic nude, to create a fuller looking lip.

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