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Wardrobe Woes

How man times do us girls stare into an open wardrobe or drawer not knowing what on earth you're going to wear today. I know personally I do this way too often, waiting for something to jump out and make me think 'oh I forgot I own that!' but unfortunately this never happens. Despite having what many people would class as too many clothes I all too often cannot find an outfit that matches what kind of mood I'm in and what look I want to portray that day.

This quote by Caitlin Moran speaks so much truth. And not only do I think that an outfit is a great way to reflect how you feel, but I think how you feel can really be altered by an outfit. 

On days where I feel outgoing I'll chose something more edgy and fashionable like my favourite heeled boots, a chunky necklace and my large studded bag. On other days where I feel a little less confident and want to blend into the crowd I feel happiest in a leather jacket and jeans or disco pants (I find a leather jacket, black disco pants and biker boots is great for a subtle grungy look). When I want to feel mature I like to add a fitted jacket to a look and when I want to feel young I'll wear my bright New Balance and so on.

I think its great how you can feel so different depending on what you wear, and I love embracing different looks. Here are a few tips on how to handle your own wardrobe woes:

  1. Have staple items such as black camis (I recommend Topshop's strappy v neck cami) that can be added to any outfit/look.
  2. For days when you just want to throw something on quick have a go-to outfit so you don't have to wonder what will go with what.
  3. To spice up a plain outfit and complete the look add a chain or a couple of rings.
  4. Don't be afraid to experiment creating new outfits or trying out new looks.
  5. Most of all, wear what makes you feel confident and good :)
These are no means me telling you what to do, just my own opinions on how I make my wardrobe work for me. If you have tips share them in the comment section below xxx


  1. I LOVE the post. I obviously have the problem too. (duuhh)
    I'm definitly going to be trying those tips!

    1. girls will be girls!
      glad to help :)


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