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Week Rundown

So this week I've done quite a bit where I've thought 'I'll blog about that later' so instead of doing lots of random blogs I'd figured I'd do one post just chatting about my week.

At the start of the week I went up to see my grandparents which I love doing as I don't often get the time to. Entertaining me on the long journey up north was my music. A song I've got on repeat at the moment is Angels // the XX. I know this has been out over a year but I love how peaceful and easy it is to listen to. It was used a few times on the BBC3 drama called 'The Crash', a three part drama about a group of friends who were involved in a car crash that was fatal for a few of them. If you can find this anywhere on the web I strongly recommend watching it as it was the most eye opening and upsetting programme I've ever watched, and not a lot of TV gets to me! Anyway one of my grandparents had got two new kittens so I played with these in between having a catch up and showing my grandparents photos from my recent holiday to Ibiza.

Monday night I ordered two dresses of Missguided ( ) in cobalt blue and dusky pink which came tuesday morning, which really impressed me. I'm contemplating doing a separate post on these dresses because I really like them. They were £19.99 and such an easy piece to either wear with a statement necklace and heels or wear in the day with a leather jacket and black tights.

The next couple of days were a blur of college and work, but then Saturday I went up to Leeds. The city's so great I'd really like to move up there sometime. My favourite aspects are how there's modern buildings mixed in with the traditional buildings from the uni and the city just bas a really buzzing vibe to it. Also I am in love with a quirky little coffee shop called 'Mrs Athas' and if you're up there definitely go try out some of their cakes! Mostly though, the shopping is fab and their Topshop is like a scaled down version of the Oxford Street store and I'm a little bit obsessed.

Saturday night was my friend's 18th and I wore my missguided cobalt blue shift dress, a gold necklace and my Kurt Geiger wedged heels. It was a really nice night and there was a photo booth and pick'n'mix which its fair to say everyone got good use out of!

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