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How to: Autumn Sundays

1. Have a lie in. If you get up before 10am on a sunday, you're doing it wrong. Stay in bed, chill on your laptop, and send a snapchat of you enjoying your lie-in to all your friends that work on sundays. you b*tch.

2. Open your windows. The air in Autumn is so crisp, helping you feel fresh and awake for the day. Leave them open whilst you go get breakfast for half an hour or so.

3. Put on your onesie. Leaving the windows open in November will have inevitably left your room a little chillier than it was this morning, but don't worry because this will make you feel even cosier when you have your snuggly onesie or jogging bottoms on. And don't forget to team these with some super furry slipper booties!

4. Pour yourself a cup of tea. At least 3-4 cups of tea must be consumed on a Sunday. I don't like regular tea so I drink Whittard's Dreamtime which is a lovely sweet instant tea.

5. Light some candles. To help you relax candles are essential. Marks and Spencer's winter candle is an absolute gem at filling the room with its scent, despite only being £3.50 (and 3 for 2 until Christmas!!)

6. Spend time with the family. Having a morning coffee or making a simple lunch for whoever you live with is a really nice thing to do on a Sunday and keeps in the idea that Sundays are for family, even if that's your uni flatmates!

7. Pamper. I always have a shower before my sunday dinner, then get into fresh jammies. I've never understood baths as they're too hot and bath tub are really uncomfortable, but if you like them get a bath bomb and some chill out music and have a bit of 'me' time.

8. Watch tv and wind down. Now its getting colder and people are staying in at night tv is getting better which I love, so catch a show or two with a packet of chocolate buttons and a cup of marshmallow filled hot chocolate.

Hope you like my guide to having the perfect chilled Autumn Sunday! By no means am I actually telling you what to do of course, this is just how I like to spend my Sundays.
I will also be doing a How to: Christmas Sundays when it gets to December so look out for that one if you enjoyed this post.


  1. That looks like the perfect Sunday ♥ I would only replace tea for coffee since I'm a caffeine addict. Thanks for visiting my blog by the way ^-^

    Greetings from Barcelona! | nerweenmakeupbag

  2. This is perfect! I love to pamper, light some candles, and relax on a Sunday!

    Lauren Elizbeth
    Petite in Pearls

  3. sounds like an amazing day.

  4. Sounds like the perfect autumn Sunday!! Your blog is really cute, I'm a new follower :) If you're interested you can follow me the meantime I look forward to reading more!

    1. thank you, I will have a peak at your blog!

  5. Sounds the perfect lazy sunday! <3

    I start following you. If you want to check my blog:
    Facebook Page Bonjourchiara

  6. Loved this post.
    It really sounds like a perfect Sunday :)


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