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Product of the Week

So currently I am absolutely in love with MUA palettes. There's a lot of online hype about these being a dupe for the Naked Palettes, and I know I'm a bit late hopping on the band wagon but it's nice to hear different opinions on a product and they're what I've been loving all week so its only right I chose them as this weeks product!

Personally, I have only ever swatched the Naked Palettes, but from owning MUA palettes I can tell they are a pretty good match to the original. I have the Heaven and Earth palette and the Undressed palette, which both retail for £4, which is a massive £34 cheaper than the Naked palettes.

I find these really nice to wear, with all the colours having good pigmentation to them and also being a nice silky texture, making them effortless to blend. They are last all day and there's no creasing or anything. The colours may fade a little throughout the day but for £4 doing a quick touch up after 6-7 hours isn't really an issue, and is only really necessary if you are going for a really bold smokey look.

The heaven and earth palette is based around browns and beiges and is probably the more bronzy palette, as all the shades are lightly shimmered. I have blue eyes and really like this palette, but think these colours would look stunning on someone with brown eyes.

The undressed palette (pictured) is probably my favourite, because of its wider range of shades. Still based on neutral colours, there are some pinks in the palette which are really flattering for paler winter looks. Also the new Naked 3 palette it based on more rosey colours so I think this palette will be a good match for that when it comes out on the 16th December. The top left colour is a really nice choice for a brow bone highlight whilst the black and charcoal colours are really useful when creating a Christmas party look. Also there are some matte brown shades, which I like to use for a day time crease.

If you have any questions just leave a comment and I will get back to you, also thank you for all he congratulations I got on passing my driving test, they were lovely to read. Hope you are all having a lovely week and have your advent calendars ready for sunday!


  1. I love this palette! I have so many now that I feel bad getting more but this really is so cheap for the quality of colours and shades! Payday can't come quick enough haha

    Lucie //Fatbeautyx

  2. I have this too, and I love it - such a bargain. It really doesn't compare to the Urban Decay palettes though - they're in another world in terms of price though! Great post xx

  3. This looks gorgeous :) I still think I may be tempted to pick up the naked palette just to complete the set!

    B xx


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