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What I bought in London

As you'll know from my last post, this week I went to London in order to update my A/W wardrobe. And I spend a lot of money. Oops.
I feel like I've got to do a disclaimer saying that the prices are included purely for informative purposes, and I hope I don't need to justify myself any more than that.
Here's what I bought:
Zara - £69.99
This is such a cozy, over-sized cocoon coat which I thought would be great in winter as you could layer up under it. Also the slight colour to this which is quite saturated in the photo means it will add a bit of something to my usual all black outfits, whilst the pleather lapel ties it together nicely.

Topshop - £34.99 
Berry is currently my favourite winter colour (apart from black obviously) and this jumper is soooo warm and cuddly! When I put it on I feel as though I have morphed into a fluffy kitten, and its that warm that when I went for a drive in it I had to open the windows I was so hot! Its cropped in length and can be worn effortlessly with disco pants without revealing any tummy, or with something that sits on the waist if you're feeling brave and perhaps staying indoors.

Zara - £45.99
I'm really liking shift dresses at the moment and I thought this would be a real staple item to my winter wardrobe as it can be worn day or night, casually or dressed up, so will be great for all the upcoming christmas parties and family get togethers.

River Island - £35.00
Meet my official winter jumper! Everyone needs to have their christmas jumper and I just loved this fluffy white and blue one which makes me feel a little like a snowflake. It has blue and silver shiny thread through it too, making you sparkle for the christmas month. 

Office - £100.00
 Finally I have some docs. Believe it or not these are the only things I actually bought from Topshop (in the office section) as I couldn't justify spending any more money. I've wanted a pair for a really long time and these caught my eye because of the cherry stitching and laces, which to me made them appear a little more feminine.

Superdrug - £2.99
Is this really another cherry coloured item!? At Bond Street station I popped into Superdrug and really liked this shade (called Raspberry) so for £2.99 I thought I'd pick it up. 

Superdrug - £4.00
For a while now I've wanted to try out the Naked palette. After hearing how good MUA's dupes are for £34.00 cheaper than the real Naked palette I thought it would be stupid not to try out this first.

Let me know if you have any posts showing your A/W wardrobes or A/W lookbooks as I love checking these out.


  1. i love your docs!! so so jealous.. currently waiting for my next student loan installment :( xx

  2. Love the Zara buys! And snap! I bought the MUA palette too a couple of weeks ago,it's so nice x

    Heels Forever

    1. Thank you:) and how good is the palette! so glad I didn't go straight in with the Naked palette x

  3. Love your buys especially the coat and dress xx


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