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Winter Skin Essentials

We're properly getting into November now which means there is soon to be lovely crisp, cold mornings and frost on the ground. Personally, I love Autumn/Winter, but I know it takes its toll on my skin, so here are my five skin essentials to get me through the season.

Garnier Hydra Lock - Central heating can really dry out your skin without you realising, so carrying on your summer moisturising is really important. This is such a rich formula and the fresh smell takes me back to my holiday in Ibiza every time I apply. Also, despite only applying it a couple of times a week, it has helped me keep my tan, with really clear tan lines from my bikini still showing! This product leaves your skin really dewy, although waiting for it to dry on a cold morning isn't ideal I'll admit. 

Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream - although this is a little pricey it is 100% worth it. My lips get so chapped and I find that no other product ever really helps them. This is quite a greasy product meaning a tiny bit goes along way, so this tube will keep me sorted all through winter even when I'm applying it daily. 

St. Moriz Instant Self Tanning Mousse - As summer tans are fading a bit of fake tan is always useful, especially when it comes to christmas parties. This is so easy to apply and looks really natural, and is a real bargain at £2.99!

Clinique Anti-Blemish Solutions - Staying inside all day doesn't do anyone's skin help, so this moisturiser is a really good one to lean to during winter due to the anti-blemish ingrediants. Its really light on the skin and wakes me up nicely in the mornings. I've used all the products from this range including the foundation and found they did wonders when helping clear up my acne. 

A-Derma Gel Moussant - I get quite dry skin and find which ever face wash I use I end up with that really stiff feeling skin and have to reach for the moisturiser immediately. However I find this is a gentle enough solution to my skin, but without compromising on making my face nice and clean. 

Hope you've enjoyed this post, let me know of any skin secrets you have to keep you going through the colder months :) 


  1. I really want to try that clinique product, I hadn't heard of it before but I think it will be great for my because of my blemishes :) Great post!


  2. i love the mask from the clinique line.. may have to try the moisturizer now too! x


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