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3 month review: Sleek face contour kit

Firstly to address my disappearing act.. my brother came to visit the little island of GB after moving away to the other end of Europe so I wanted to spend time with him rather than hide away in my little cubby hole blogging. Please be aware I am completely shifting the blame here like any good sibling would. 

Now thats all sorted and I am back in your good books, I wanted to do a 3 month review on the Sleek face contour kit, as I am now more accustomed to this product and have a few more points to add about it. My more in-depth initial thoughts and photographs on the kit can be viewed on an earlier post here

Starting on the highlighter, I still really love this and use it daily. I think it has just the right amount of shimmery glow to it to brighten up your face without resembling a Christmas bauble, and I won't be trying to find a replacement highlighter anytime soon. 

The blush I also think is a really pretty colour, but there is too much gold shimmer to this for everyday use. I think this will really suit a night time party look, but for in the day I'd like to find a more matte blush. Also because the highlighter has a silver based shimmer, I think a blush which also has silver flecks will be far more flattering rather than mixing in gold and looking a bit OTT.

The contour I have really gone off. As I've lost my natural tan I find this too much and as soon as I put any on I think my face makeup looks over done, and it takes away the natural look that I tend to lean towards. Again, with fake tan and for a night out where I don't mind my face looking a bit more made up I might use this, but other than that I am quite disappointed with this contour, especially as so many people like it. 

I hope this gives you all a little more insight into whether or not you should give this a go. For me I won't be repurchasing this kit straight away as I do like trying out new products and have a cheeky feeling Santa might be bringing me some new blush etc in 5 DAYS!! Excited isn't the word. Hope to be blogging more, perhaps after Christmas when everything calms down a little, so have a lovely time if I don't manage to post before then :)


  1. I have wanted to buy this for a while but was debating on this or a Nars blush! Great Review, although I personally prefer Gold undertones than Silver - as I am warm toned - this review is really helpful! Lovely post!
    Happy Holidays!

  2. Ahh it's a shame the contour isn't working for you any more - I've heard this from a few people! x

  3. I love the highlighter in this palette! I use it ALL the time - even more than my beloved Benefit's Watts Up. I'm far too fair to use the contour (that + the fact that I can't contour to save my life) but the blush is lovely. xx

    Gemma // DuggyDimples

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    Falak Hussein


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