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Like a Onesie Without the Commitment

I never usually venture into Primark because I live by possibly the busiest, messiest, smelliest store. No kidding. By I was in town about 9pm the other night, and by this point it had been tidied and decluttered of humans, so I held my breath and went in for the kill.

I've heard before about Primark doing really good onesies and pyjamas etc, so I thought I'd pick up some for myself.

I chose these because of the Christmas pattern and because they're like fluffy little leg insulators. They were a bargain at £6, but you can tell where the costs have literally been cut (where are the bottom two inches of the right leg?). 

Anyone who knows me knows I am obsessed with my Next teddy-bear onesies, but these I am in love with because they're like a onesie without the commitment. - Don't act like you don't know what I mean when its a winter's night and you have to get all naked to visit the bathroom. 
I don't sleep in these because I get too hot, but they're really nice to chill in with a normal top on, avoiding the 'it's 3pm and you'll still in your pyjamas' judgement. One problem I've found that I've shown you below is that they leave fluff EVERYWHERE. Hopefully after a wash the loose fluff will have gone because I've hoovered by floor about 3 times this week and I'm about to change my bedding after this. 

I'm loving anything cozy at the moment so leave a comment below if you have any super cuddly pieces of clothing I should check out. I'll be putting up this week's Product of the Week in a few days so follow me using the icons on the right to see that!


  1. It warm, in Christmas mood, look you did a good job!
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  2. I love these! I know what you mean about Primark, it's so busy and people just throw stuff on the floor, I can't handle it!
    Hannah | twoforjoy | xo

  3. I need to get some cute pjs!


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