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Current Style Icons

Claire Marshall

Photo taken from Pinterest
The main thing I love about Claire's style is its effortless look. I stopped wearing graphic tees about a year ago in an attempt to make my wardrobe, and subsequently myself, more mature, but Claire shows how to do this in a more 'grown up' way by layering it with a classic cardigan. She reminds me a lot of Victoria Beckham when wearing ripped jeans and a loose vest top, again, an effortless look. Although I'd be having a death wish at the moment in England if I dressed like her (its f-ing freezing), I admire how she teams grunge-y black boots with bare legs for a more feminine look, and rightfully so cause she's got bangin' legs.
Also make sure you check out her Va Va Voom lipstick youTube video (link below) showing all her favourite lipsticks - far more interesting than swatches and absolutely insane.


Photo taken from Sammi's blog (link below)
Better known as Beautycrush, Sammi also has an effortless style about her. I love how she will wear converse with an outfit and still look well dressed - overall I think she's just not afraid to be comfortable which is always something I like, particularly at this time of year. She styles Doc Martens in a really nice way and ultimately will probably be my inspiration to invest in a black pair. 

Becca Dudley

A recent find on instagram, Becca is quite an upcoming, now girl, and that's no surprise cause her style is on point. In the above photo she's actually wearing a Topman suit and although I'm already accustomed to Topman tees this is really inspiring me to look at the 'mens' section a little more. Her styles a lot more street/hipster than my the other girls I've listed, and I think it might be time for me to get my confidence back and fish out my high tops and patterned leggings again (smiling devil emoji placed here).


  1. I am in love with Claire Marshall, I love all her videos and her style is amazing! so glad you included her in this post :)

  2. I agree, love sammi's effortless style


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