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New year - Improved me

Happy new years!! Its the beginning of 2014, and time for us all to make a new year's resolution that we hope to have not given up on/failed by 7th Januarry. 

For me I think my main resolution will be pretty boring one of going to college more as I really struggle when it comes to concentrating at home. I almost feel a sense of relief now that vlogmas and blogmas is over because so much of my time was spent watching and reading, and whilst I loved that it did mean that less and less time was being dedicated towards college work and I wasn't even taking part. Other smaller aims for this year, which I hope you can take ideas from are listed below. 

Something I've already done is thrown my makeup wipes out. When wanting to look after your skin better, the temptation of reaching for makeup wipes when you're tired can be too much so just remove the temptation all together! As well as this I've found using a face wash like Soap and Glory's peahes and clean actually removes you're makeup quicker, so you can get to bed and get your beauty sleep earlier. 

Drinking more water is something we all say we want to do, but without a little helping hand its never really going to happen. If you find the taste of water boring (personally I love the lack of flavour!) find a flavoured water or instant tea you like and that will make you want to drink more. One thing I like doing is making a big bottle of water and squeezing in some lemon juice in the mornings then leaving it to cool in the fridge for when you want it. Honestly I'm not that bothered about the whole detox thing, I just find this wakes me up a bit and makes me feel good on the inside. 

Learn to cook. If I'm going to be going to university in September and fingers crossed I am I need to be able to cook. The idea of cooking bores me to death, and I think if you're cooking something you're not all that bothered about then you'll soon lose interest in it. To keep motivation find a cookbook full of your favourite food, so its something you want to eat and are excited about learning to make. For me, I've got the wagamamas cookbook and am looking forward to attempting yaki sobas and chicken ramen! 

Hope my ideas are somewhat useful to you. Hope you all had a wicked NYE and that 2014 is just as good. Sorry about the length of this post, but do leave your resolutions or w/e in a comment as I'd love reading them:)


  1. Happy New Year! I definitely need to drink more water too it's a very good resolution!

  2. Hello sweety! I just found your blog, it's very nice. Keep it up with the good work!

    Andera |

    1. its comments like this which make blogging so rewarding, thank you very much lovely:)


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