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Product of the week

Image taken from google because sitting next to a tub of chocolate cornflake cakes and a cute sleeping cat makes going to get your camera too hard a task
The last couple of weeks have been a b*tch as far as my skin's concerned, so with lots of going out I needed something to get rid of my blemishes quick.

My mum actually gave me this product because she didn't really need it/want it so I was skeptical whether it would be any good, particularly as I have tried just about every spot remover under the sun (including those prescribed by doctors) and not liked any of them. My biggest problem has been that with the stronger, more active products like Retin-A my skin always ends up peeling, which draws a lot more attention to the area when foundation has been applied.

With the Origins Super Spot Remover I've found my skin hasn't been peeling meaning there isn't any worry about foundation or concealer highlighting the blemish more. Even better than this, I find spots are reduces to just a small area of redness within about 3 days, and those under-the-skin killers can be prevented from becoming a second head.

Apart from the only downfall of this being a gel meaning you can't really get away with wearing it in the day, this is definitely my favourite spot remover and has left me pleased with the appearance of my skin, ready for the weekend's antics:)

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  1. Great post, I'll have to try :)

    I finally got Urban Decay's Naked3!
    Check out my post at :)

    XOXO Happy Sunday doll ❤


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