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Soap and Glory review and haul

One brand which is surrounded by a lot of buzz recently is Soap and Glory, and for a good reason. I eyed up the Yule Monty gift set when it came out for £60, but then when I saw it reduced to £27 my inner-nerd worked out the products alone in it were worth £72.50 I moved it straight to the top of my Christmas list. To go over that again, £72.50 worth of S&G products were being sold along with testers in a gorgeous (and v.useful) Jonathan Saunders bag for £27. Fricken chicken amazing that. 
Although the gift set's no longer available, all these products are so here is my review on them if anyone is thinking of investing in a few.

The Scrub of your life exfoliator
I love the packaging and naming of these products, with this being my favourite. I used this boxing day to remove all my pre-christmas fake in order to get ready for a party on the 28th. Usually it takes two to three rounds of exfoliating till I feel sick my skin's so red raw to remove all my fake tan, but with this I got it all off in one go. Admittedly, I also used exfoliator gloves too and did notice a teeny tiny blood blister after, which may have been from shaving anyway, but next time I use this I'm going to try it with a shower mitt so it's a little softer on my skin.

Sugar Crush body wash
This is perfect wake me up remedy for those early mornings due to its lime scent. It is very sweet and sugary, duh however, so I might give this one a miss on hungover mornings in fear of my stomach contents coming back up.

Butter Yourself body lotion
This is probably my favourite scent from the set, it's a little more masculine (not manly dw) and sexy than the other fruity scents, and reminds me a little of Abercrombie's signature scent. The biggest downfall to this is the small pump, meaning it takes the p*ss to get out enough product to cover a human leg, so I'd love it if S&G could shoved this in a squirty bottle ASAP. Once you've got it on however it dries pretty quickly, making it a good one for winter.

The Righteous Butter 
I'm quite sure this is the same fruitigo scent as the body lotion, and its not got a pump, hallelujah!! I haven't actually used this yet, as I love rich body butters for the summer when you can allow a little more naked time for them to dry. Cheeky.

Hand Food
I've never been one for hand creams as I don't get dry hands and usually find them greasy and annoying. However this feels quite light and less greasy than others and I've noticed my knuckles feeling a little softer, which will help nicely for when I'm fake tanning my hands.

Genius in a Bottle face serum
Sorry S&G but I hated this!! Its such a heavy product that made my skin look unwashed and greasy when I'd just washed it and honestly I just don't get the point in face serums. When I went on to prime my face before applying makeup it flaked all over my skin, meaning I had to wash it off and start again.

Peaches and Clean face wash
This was a face wash I've had before so was glad to see it again. Apart from the obvious beautiful smell, this really feels like it gets into your pores, removing all your makeup and leaving you feel fresh faced and peachy! One thing it does leave me with is panda eyes, and if you're a lazy girl like me, you'll want your face wash to get rid of eye makeup too.

Mother Pucker Extreme Pump lip gloss
This is your typical lip plumper that leaves your lips tingling for a good twenty minutes - I'm quite cynical whether these ever plump your lips or if the tingles just make you think they are, but either way I like the funny feeling it gives you its a really pretty colour and I'll continue to use it for that.

As for heel genius and thick and fast, I haven't tried these out so won't be reviewing them, let me know if they're good? Hope you found this post interesting and helpful, leave a comment if you've tried any and tell me what you think of them as I love hearing other's opinions :)


  1. I love this post! I've been considering picking up some S&G for a while now and this just may have pushed me to go do so.

    By the way, I've followed you on bloglovin and GFC and I'm looking forward to keeping up to date with your blog :) It would mean so much if you'd check out my blog and follow back if you like it! Keep in touch.



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