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What I got for my birthday

Apologies for my absence, illness took over me and I'm pretty sure I was too high off a concoction of cough relieving medication to even form a sentence.
Other than the cough from hell, I hold my hands up and admit I've had a case of the bloggers block. I have sat down on numerous occasions, written half a blog post, then deleted it. Every time I just think, who would want to read this? My writing is not witty nor interesting, and I'm well aware my grammar leaves a lot to be desired. So many bloggers are so clever with their writing technique and I'm having to check my spellings on google. Not cool.

But putting the moaning to one side I thought I'd do a photo-based post instead. From the title its obvious what the post is, but I'd just like to point out that of course this is not me showing off in any way (in fact I set up my presents like this to stare at them in awe rather than with a blog post in mind). Then after seeing how popular 'what I got for christmas' post were, I thought I'd do a birthday take on them, so I hope you all enjoy it and it satisfies your nosey parker needs!! joking of course :) 

Any questions you have on anything I got feel free to ask and have a lovely lovely weekend :)


  1. Love the bag! such a great present x

  2. Happy belated bday!! So jealous of your goodies, especially the bag
    Hannah | twoforjoy | xo

  3. That bag is stunning! Hope you had a good birthday :) xx

    The Beauty Scrapbook

  4. You lucky lady, you've had some amazing gifts! I hope you had a lovely birthday :) x

  5. Ooooh I spy some Jo Malone in the picture! Hope you had a fab birthday


    Sade xo

    1. Pomegrante Noir perfume, I'm in love!

  6. So many lovely things here!!
    Just found your blog and love it, folllowing :):)


  7. First off: happy belated birthday! Looks like you've gotten some pretty cool gifts huh :) Loving the MK bag! xx

  8. Lovely ^^
    Happy belated bday ^^

    恵美より ♥

  9. Happy belated birthday! I am so in love with that purse

With A City Dream

  10. Wow, so many wonderful presents! The Michael Kors bag is especially fab. x

    Nerve Wires

  11. That Michael Kors bag is everything! <3
    Hope you had a fabulous birthday doll...

    Have you heard about PRADA CANDY?
    Check it out at ❤

    Stay gorgeous doll xxxx

  12. La roche posay is a good product,I love it too!


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