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Brow game

"I worried for like an hour then I went back to thinking about more important things like my eyebrows."

Its 2015 and if anything is going to make you look like you've got your life together its having strong eyebrow game. But leaving sharpied eyebrows back in 2014 I've been seeking products that enhance my natural brow rather than creating a whole new one.

I have the type of eyebrows common of many fair, naturally blonde girls: not too dark, thick or sporting much of an arch, but equally the hairs are dark enough to suit me and the density is enough to frame my face so I'm happy with the brows I was dealt in life.

To shape in a bit more of an arch and get rid of the strays I swear by Tweezerman tweezers because their slanted shape makes them so easy to use and babes when it comes to getting rid of the shortest of hairs.

When going for a full faced makeup look I use my well trusted Laura Mercier eyebrow pencil in blonde. Unlike most blonde pencils with undertones of orange I love the this blonde as it has a brown base, as well as a more waxy formula than some pencils. When using this I always team it with a light eyeshadow such as Bourjois' Light eyeshadow, to really draw attention to the arch I've created.

My most recent purchase and star of the 'no makeup' makeup look is Maybelline's Brow Drama sculpting mascara in dark blonde. I had my eye on getting a brow mascara/gel as I'm going to Croatia tomorrow (eek!) and wanted something I could wear to define my brows by the pool when I'm not wearing makeup. I chose this £4.99 drug-store option as I wasn't sure what my opinion on a brow mascara/gel would be but this is definitely a product where the drug-store comes into its own! As a gel this only holds onto your natural hairs so doesn't create a block eyebrow, yet it defines each individual hair creating a more full brow look whilst keeping untamed hairs in place (which is perfect for me who's hairs all point downwards) improving your natural arch.

Hopefully some of the tips will come in handy and let me know of any tips or products which you use!


  1. Very good tips! Currently trying to perfect my own eyebrow game whilst going with the whole 'Lily Collins' vibe :') Have heard good things about the Brow Drama so may have to give that a go myself :)

    // xx

  2. Great tips! I really want to try the tweezerman tweezers, at the moment I'm just using the ones that come with Benefit Browzings and they've lost their oomph! xx


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