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Anniversary gifts and date night ideas

Last Sunday marked a year together for my boyfriend and I, which got me thinking about gifts that correctly show your appreciation for someone without breaking the bank (student problems). We also really weren't feeling any fancy meals in awkwardly quiet restaurants so decided to have a super chilled day so I've added a few ideas for that too.


Notonthehighstreet excels when it comes to gifts, because it gives a great balance between putting effort into making something personal and the gift having a professional quality to it. Because for most of the time we're living in different cities because of uni, and so we spend a lot of our time travelling to see each other, I thought this personalised train ticket was perfect. 

2. Put together a hamper

Hampers are great when you haven't got one gift in mind, and instead want to show your affection for all the little quirks someone has. This could include their guilty pleasures when it comes to snacks and chocolate, the socks of their favourite marvel characters, or your favourite photo together, framed. The more random little gifts are the more they can make you smile or reminisce over a personal joke you have, e.g. my boyfriend got me a toilet roll because I always moan that he uses too much and wastes mine (TMI). 

3. Treat them to something they want

Sometimes its hard for us to treat ourselves to something we really want because of the price, so if you know your partner has been longing for something for a while but is putting off getting it, treat them to it. Not only will they be really grateful for the gift itself, but also how you've shown you listen and subsequently knew how to treat them. 

4. Start a scrap book

Paperchase is perfect for scrapbooks, which are a great way to document your relationship together. Stick in tickets of movies you've seen together, photos from days out, wristbands from festivals you've attended and any old niknaks you've collected along the way. Writing comments around articles you've stuck in can also help you remember your emotions and document times like you would in your diary, and you can carry it on together and new events happen. 

Date ideas

1. Breakfast in bed

'I don't appreciate breakfast in bed' said no over ever! And as the way to a tired man's heart is definitely through his belly (usually starting with a cup of tea) slipping out the room before he wakes to cook waffles or a full English will definitely start our day off right. 

2. Build a fort

Grab together as many sofa cushions, bed sheets, dining room chairs and fairy-lights as you can and make the ultimate cozy fort that you can laze about in all day long watching movies and back to back Netflix with a chocolate fondue and skewers of banana and strawberries.

picture from pinterest

3. Picnic

Instead of heading to a restaurant for food baking a cake together or buying a couple of meal deals then taking them to the park can be just as fun with a far more chilled environment. If you want to make it romantic - head to a lake or your nearest water's edge and open a bottle of wine whilst watching the sunset.

Hope this post has helped any of you out there struggling for cheaper solutions to making memorable days with your other halves, and FYI to any boys reading this post, its easy: just get her peonies and you're sorted. 


  1. this issss such a nice thing to do with your significant other, I'M SO JELLY!

    The personalised train ticket is so cute too! <3

    Lauren xx | laurlauu . beauty . fashion . life . blog

  2. I love the build a fort idea.
    I think it looks sweet and nice

    The Bandwagon Chic | Instagram | Bloglovin | Snapchat: bandwagonchic

  3. Amazing post!
    Keep in touch xoxo


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