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Gone with the wind | fashion

Top: Missguided
Coat: Zara (similar)
Disco pants: AA
Boots: River Island  

The three things I learnt when shooting this:
  1. You can see my pink socks when I where them with ankle boots
  2. I think I prefer landscape shots, and 
  3. Trying to take photos in the wind is bloody difficult! 
But if you can't change the wind you just gotta adjust your sails, right

I've been so excited for the weather to get colder so I can get my faux fur on. Not to complain about it but it seems like the warmer autumn weather has been going for so long whilst I've been trying my best to dress for winter - resulting in me sweating buckets walking to uni every morning (tmi?) 

I'm also in love with this new top from Missguided and how it only reveals a bit of stomach, because, let's be honest, our summer bodies are long gone now! And my boots are the perfect new addition to my black boots collection, which was missing a pair of flat ankle boots I could wear with my disco pants or a skirt for a more put together look. 

Hope you're all having a fab hump day!


  1. Gorgeous outfit! And yeah, that is a wonderful thing about ankle boots - you can wear whatever socks you like, no judgement! :D x



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