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Reflecting on 2015 and welcoming 2016 | lifestyle

Welcome back to By Lizzy and a Happy New Years to all my lovely readers!

I know that 2016 is well underway and that most people's Christmas decorations are back in the attic for another 11 months (I'm counting down already), but the reason I haven't put my resolutions down in writing yet as I wanted to have a proper think about what this years resolutions would be, and because once they're out there on the internet I know I have to at least make a stab at sticking to them!

Looking back on 2015, it was a pretty good year. Firstly, I got myself back into blogging! And even though its still only a small little destination on the internet and I don't expect it to grow much over this oncoming year, I'm still proud of it. And I'm also proud of myself as up until this year it was always a secret, but I eventually made it public, firstly with my mum coming across when she was reading another blog, then her encouraging me to show my boyfriend, and then him encouraging me to stop keeping it a secret and to post about it on my instagram.

The many other highlights and memories I have to look back on include starting the year in South Africa, passing my first year of university with a 2:1, going on my first holiday abroad with my boyfriend and celebrating our first year together in August, and having my brother home for a Christmas pitstop after not seeing him for a year and a half whilst he's travelling the world.

Of course this year there has also been some lows to balance out the highs, and I feel like in 2015 these down points have mostly been battles with my emotions. In September I was ready to pack in uni and not go back, but I decided to give it one last shot and I'm so glad I did, because yes, it is really hard, but it's soooo worth it for the friends I've made and the experiences I've had. Despite this, things got bad again and probably from November onwards I got into a tumble of stress and doubted my ability at everything. But being home for Christmas and having a big old relax has made me feel like 2016 is a new year and a new chapter in the book, so I can move on from my feelings at the end of last year and make way for new, better ones.

Other than that, there really isn't that much I want to change from 2015 to 2016. At some point through 2015 I decided to adopt the policy 'do more of what makes you happy' and I'm really glad I did that. I stopped doing things I didn't want to, like going to places that made me feel uncomfortable and going to clubs every week when I didn't feel like it. I feel like this, on the whole, has made me a lot happier, as well as helped me to mature and understand that we're all different individuals and we should celebrate this, rather than try and fit in with the norm. So my first resolution is to continue with this.

Whilst going through my end of year low I also really began to not like my body. I got to the point where I wanted to change body rather than accept the bits I don't love and carry on loving the bits that aren't too bad. So this year my second resolution is going to be all learning to be content with the way I look. I also want to become more confident in other areas by stopping comparing myself to others and instead starting to believe in myself that I can achieve my goals if I put my mind to it!

Thirdly, something I've been trying to do for years now is make better use of my time. I really do take procrastination to the next level, and I take so long to do everything that I get far less done in a day then I would be able to if I really applied myself to tasks. To help you understand just how bad I am at this: I'm currently half-way through listening to a podcast of a uni lecture and I've paused it for about an hour now to write this post.. oops. But really, I have the same amount of hours in the day as Beyoncé so its about time I got my ass into gear and used them all!

Finally, I want to start taking better care of my eyebrows! Yes, this really is a resolution because I am literally so lazy when it comes to plucking and styling my eyebrows and since getting some serrrrriously nice makeup pieces for Christmas (check out my insta) I've got really into doing my makeup but the one thing letting me down is the state of my eyebrows (more specifically my right eyebrow who seemed to lose her arch in the beginning of 2015.)

Let me know about your resolutions and if you have any tips for me and my making better use of my time! (Promise I'm going back to my lecture now)

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