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My five skin saviours | beauty

In winter our skin can all do with a little helping hand to combat wearing a little more makeup than usual and seeing a little less sunlight than than usual. Not to mention the effects of central heating on our skin! Most of us managed to kick start 2016 with another jab at healthy eating and drinking water, however if you're like me and you've had exams all January, you've probably been under more stress than your skins gonna thank you for, and eating half your body weight in chocolate each day probably hasn't subsided just yet. 
These products, both new and old, I've found are my favourites for dealing with the January slumber skin. Some I mentioned waaaay back on my blog in 2013 (how is that 3 years ago!?) so I have linked those posts, and some are new favourites! 

These Kiko pads are a recent addition to my skincare routine, after I was gifted them as a stocking filler at Christmas. They claim all the typical, skin-improving miracles, but I was particularly drawn to them due to their so-called pore shrinking abilities, something I really want to sort out with my skin!
So whether or not they’ve shrunk my pores – I’m not entirely sure. I use them every morning after cleansing, and I am noticing my pores less, but equally I’ve changed my foundation from one that I found was really emphasising them. I do, however, love these pads as an extra step when cleansing and for getting rid of that last bit of makeup off your face before bedtime. Plus, my boyfriend loves me using them on him like a mini facial, so these are definitely one I’ll be forced to repurchase!

When it comes to moisturisers I’ve always really struggled finding one that isn’t too oily and causes mass-breakout on my skin, or an oil free one that causes my skin to become really dry. Effaclar H, however, is the inbetweeny kind of moisturiser which doesn’t offend your skin in anyway, and is just a really nice, light moisturiser, which settles into your skin quickly ready for you to start applying your makeup base.

This is definitely the most pricey product I own, and somehow I’ve always managed to be gifted it, because no matter how good it is I don’t think I could stomach £41 of my student loan going towards it, that’s like a week and a half’s food shop!
This product uses rice-based exfoliants, making it so much more gentle then the drugstore ‘blackhead remover’ types that strip your skin of any goodness in there.
Here, is a serious #throwback post I did for a more in depth review

Recently there's been a massive hype around Liz Earle's hot cloth cleanser, which really intrigues me as its what I used for a good few years when I started using makeup in my early teens. But to be honest with you, I really can't be ars*d with the effort of constantly washing my muslin face cloths every time they get covered in a black and orange mess. This face wash, which I mentioned back in 2013 can you believe it(?!) is so gentle on the skin, yet removes ALL of your makeup. And its one step method of just massaging it into wet skin then rinsing it off makes it a right time saver! 

Literally a lifesaver. Like, no ifs, no buts, if you've got a second head growing and a party or a date the next night you need this. Put it on at night or after you've popped a spot (tmi!!) and it will be about 80% reduced by the morning! 

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  1. There seem to be some great products here! :-)

  2. great review. sounds like great products

  3. La Roche Posay is one of my favourite skincare brands and the Effaclar range is great. I used to love the Effaclar K but never tried the Effaclar H, it sound like a lovely moisturiser. x

    Mummy’s Beauty Corner

  4. Nice assortment of products! I'm definitely going to check out the Origin Super Spot Remover, sounds like a lifesaver.

    Brittny |


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