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Amsterdam | Travel

Last weekend I was lucky enough to go on a very last minute weekend break, for the three days between finishing my uni exams, and starting second semester.
I can't actually remember the last time I did a European city break, so its fair to say I was pretty excited to explore somewhere new.
Of course, I was fully aware that Amsterdam was a city famous amongst the British for its red light district and 'coffeeshops' (sorry to any locals who shun us for this!) But what I didn't quite know was how much of a beautiful, tranquil place of architectural treasures and Pinterest decor dreams it was.

My family and I stayed in a gorgeous three-bedroom bed and breakfast, owned by a lovely gentleman who baked us fresh cakes in the afternoon, filling the house with the most beautiful, warm ginger scents. 
Each of the rooms were named after breeds of dogs, so no surprise, when I heard one of the rooms was the 'pug' room I ran straight in and jumped on the bed in a display of bagsying the room - an act all siblings will know too well. 

Keeping my packing light, I made my first attempt at a 'capsule wardrobe', only taking monochrome pieces that I knew would work together. This included this white coat from Zara (old), my oh-so-comfy Topshop Jamie jeans, my new Nike Theas and a range of grey and black tops and jumpers. And of course, several pairs of sunglasses.

During the days we spent our time wandering up and down the canals and markets, window shopping along the 9 streets' boutiques, and consuming copious amounts of calories in quaint little cafes every time our noses began to go cold.

Our evenings were also spent hopping from restaurant to elegant cocktail bar, although my brother did take me out one night to show me the places which were a favourite past time of his. On the first evening we were also lucky enough to sit front row at a Rodriguez concert (thanks dad!)

Although brief, my time in Amsterdam was really one to be treasured. Having a brother who loves travelling and living in new continents meant I hadn't seen him for a year and four months whilst he'd been exploring Asia and living in Australia, and a few days after returning he once again took off to America before he takes a new leap to NZ for a year, so time relaxing together was something I'm really grateful for.

Travelling to Amsterdam has really opened up my eyes to my love of Europe and I hope to continue travelling around in summer so please leave any suggestions of places you think I should visit!

instagram: @lizzyorr

P.S. how gorgeous was this little man 'Curly' who lived at the B&B! 


  1. wow looks like you had an amazing trip! Amsterdam is honestly so beautiful! Your hair is gorgeous by the way x

  2. Amsterdam looks lovely! Sounds like you had an amazing trip away xo

  3. I've wanted to make a trip to Amsterdam for ages and your photos have only made me more desperate to go! It looks like you had an amazing time and the B&B is gorgeous!

    Alice / Alice Grace Beauty


  4. Love the Nike's. I've been dying to get a pair like that. Also, great's making me want to travel again!

    a small bit | bloglovin | twitter

  5. Wow, this trip looks so much fun! Love the pics and especially the little dog in the end! And the idea of naming rooms after dog breeds is so fun!! :D

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