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My favourite makeup products | beauty

For whatever reason, I've been getting a lot more into makeup recently, so without babbling on here's my mostly new, with an old fave or two chucked in for good measure, favourite makeup products and gizmos.

Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation

Recently I went home and being me, forgot to take my Dior foundation. Not wanting to splash too much cash for a temporary replacement I went to look round the more affordable foundations at Boots. Finding a new foundation is honestly my idea of a nightmare, but I recognised this as the foundation Sarah Ashcroft (who always looks insanely flawless) wears, so picked it up in the lightest shade. Since buying this I haven't looked back, its the perfect coverage for me, not think or cakey, but does a good job at dulling down my acne scarring. And to be totally honest, I probably reach for this more than I do my £32.50 alternative.

Rimmel Stay Matte Powder

This is a product I bulk buy in when Boots has any sort of offer on. My skin's naturally very oily, but this compact is so easy to throw in my bag so I can reapply powder throughout the day, and the powder is translucent so it doesn't make your base look cakey.

Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer

A cult fave. Perfect consistency, doesn't crease, and is bang on the money when it comes to covering those dark eye circles.

Beauty Blender

I am SO late to the hype I know, so I won't go on too long about this. But long story short - there's no way I'll ever go back to applying my foundation or concealer with a brush. Flawless, speedy application, sorted.

Makeup Academy Pro Elysium Palette 

This palette is the perfect mix of shimmer and matte shades, with a perfect bone shade for your base, then gorgeous gold and neutral pink shades for the day and darker shades including a brown, plum and black for the perfect smoked out look at night. The palette also comes with a pencil eyeliner and highlighter, but admittedly I've never actually tried these out.

Bourjois Light 

My absolute favourite brow bone and inner corner highlight which I 100% need if I want to look awake in the mornings!

Laura Mercier Eyebrow Pencil

So many 'blonde' eyebrow pencils are warm-toned and a bit gingery. I've always love this pencil because it's almost like a cool, light toned brown that matches natural blonde hair perfectly. I still, however, haven't worked out why sometimes when I order this pencil it comes with a spoolie on one end and a sharpener, and other times it doesn't.

Kevin Aucoin Sculpting Powder

The game changer. When it comes to contouring, Kevin Aucoin can't be beaten. Instead of using a warm-toned bronzer that's in danger of giving me a muddle, orange line, applying this with my Real Techniques flat contour brush gives the perfect appearance of a shadow below the cheek bones I don't really have.

Charlotte Tilbury Lip Cheats

Call me crazy, but recently I've been using two lipliners on my lips at the same time. My natural lips are so pasty and pale, so I fill in my lips with pillow talk (if anyone knows of a lipstick shade similar to this please let me know!), then outline them with iconic nude, to create a fuller looking lip.


  1. Loved reading this! Some of these products are complete staples for me too! I don't think I could count how many collection concealers I've gone through in my lifetime, it's actually insane!

    Katie |

  2. Great products! Thanks for sharing! x

  3. Stunning products! Would love to get my hands on the Charlotte Tilbury lip liners.


  4. Funny I have the opposite problem with eyebrow pencils, they are never dark enough, the darkest color is a chocolate brown which is about noticeably lighter then my brows and funny b/ half the worlds population has black eye brows.

    Allie of ALLIENYC

  5. So nice to see you sharing your fav beauty products! I'm tempted to try the liquid foundation after reading your post!

    xoxo, Aldora
    Aldora Muses – A Beauty & Lifestyle Blogger | Instagram

  6. I really enjoy the Collection Concealer as well, it stays put all day.

    Linda, Libra, Loca: Beauty, Baby and Backpacking

  7. These make-up products are just gorgeous!

  8. I love how you're working two lip liners while I'm yet to use even one; I really need to get around to giving one a go sometime, as everyone seems to love how the seem to raise their 'lip game' haha. I've no doubt your Charlotte Tilbury pencil would be amazing :)

    Gabrielle | A Glass Of Ice

  9. I love lasting perfection as well! It's my favourite concealer
    The Lipstick, The Girl and Her Wardrobe

  10. Thanks so much for sharing your new faves with us, beautiful! I've been reading so many great reviews on Rimmel's products in general, I have to start checking them out myself! I hope you're having a wonderful start to your week so far, beauty!



  11. Love your faves! Also, do not worry about being to late with the beauty blender hype, I still have not tried it :P

    Maireem | My Fair Autumn | Instagram | Twitter | Snapchat: myfairautumn

  12. I would love to try that Rimmel stay matte powder , Thanks for sharing the review here, and you have really nice stuffs.

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