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4 Things to do When You're Offline | lifestyle

As a blogger it can be nearly impossible to get away from the internet but sometimes you've just got to physically force yourself to exit all social media apps, sit your phone on the side and just have some YOU time! Saying this, going on an internet ban can actually make you realise just how bored you can quickly get, so here's my favourite things to do when I'm at home and not online.

01/Plan outfits
Experimenting with different clothing combos to create new styles is one of my favourite things to do, especially when you finally work out how to wear that item you've had at the bottom of the draw for months because you've never known what to pair it with. Work out how to dress up or dress down the same outfit for blog post inspo or so you can build a collection of outfits for each occasion in your head so you always have a go-to outfit when you don't have time to plan what to wear in the mornings.

02/Read a magazine and get inspired
I'm sorry but unless I'm under a parasol on a v sunny beach with a mojito at arms reach then I just can't commit to reading an entire book so I'm not even going to try. Magazines are so much more up my street, giving them a flick through every so often to find inspo for all aspects of life. If you're a fan of Pinterest go old school and cut out or book mark recipes/outfits/makeup looks instead then have a go at recreating them. My current obsession is ASOS magazine, I just wish it could be a weekly!

03/Have a clear out
Clear outs are my guilty pleasure, which is lucky considering how much crap I can accumulate in a month or two. Clear your handbag from receipts, empty your drawers and only put back things you actually use and see how many bin bags you can fill. Guaranteed to take way longer than you expected and will make you feel sooooo good afterwards!

04/Take photographs
When the lighting's good, make use of it! Nothing is worse than when your Instagram is looking as dry as the Sahara Desert but there's no natural lighting to snap a good quality image to stick up. Take photos to show case your latest purchases or take some that can be used in blog posts then just wait for future you to thank yourself!

What do you like doing when you're having a mini escape from being online?

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  1. Really enjoyed reading this post! I definitely agree it's a good thing to have some YOU time & be off of devices for a while!

    Great blog lovely!

    Charlotte xx

  2. Great ideas. I love flicking through pinterest or fashions mags of inspiration.

    Jenn | Jennifer Jayne

  3. I love these ideas! Planning outfits is so fun X


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