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Update: I have my own domain! | lifestyle

If you haven't grasped it by the title of this post yet, I finally have my own domain! So first of all, a very warm welcome to the new!

For those who don't know what this means, it means i got rid of the .blogspot in my web address by buying my own domain from, making my page look a whole lot more professional. For those interested in how to do this, I just typed in what I wanted the name of my domain to be (lizzyorr) and then the website shows you whether this is available and the various prices for .org, and .com etc. I chose .com because I thought this looked most professional, and by googling GoDaddy discount codes I managed to get this for 99p rather than what the website was offering me (about £7.99).

Setting up the domain seemed tricky at first, but following this amazing how-to guide on The Wonder Forest's blog made it pretty straight forward, so if you're ready to make the step to having your own domain be sure to check this out.

Other than that, nothing's changed too much round here! I have a stash of content that I'm in the midst of creating and I'm looking towards buying a new layout for my blog as my current layout literally sucks all motivation out of me because of how uninspiring I find it. But for now I'm all about behind the scenes planning and focusing more on my other social media platforms (and of course the inevitable degree and looming summer exams) but I promise you there are good things to come.

By now you all probably know my love of Instagram, but recently I've been trying to branch out into other areas social networking so will leave links to all of that below so I can see you over there! Have a fabulous Easter weekend.

Instagram and Twitter: @lizzyorr_
Snapchat: @lizzyorr
Pinterest: @lizzyorrrr
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  1. Your own domain is super exciting! Congratulations :)

    xo, Liz

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