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The Alchemist Greek St | Where to Eat

Last week I was contacted by the lovely Sales and Events Manager down at The Alchemist Greek Street, Leeds about attending a bloggers' meal where we got to try out their new menu and cocktails, and it's safe to say I was shitting myself. I'd been so distant from both the blogging and Instagram world since focussing on the final year of my degree so the idea of being surrounded by real bloggers was SO nerve-racking! But, as the event fell on the day of my final exam (and I'd already spent most of the day celebrating with a tipple or two at the Students' Union) I butchered up the courage and went! And my gosh am I glad I did!

We started off sampling the 'Tickle Me Pink' gin-based cocktail at the bar, which included a syringe of nettle stings - a great conversation starter trust me - getting to know all the other bloggers at the event before being seated.

At the table we were served SO many sharing plates that my eyes literally popped out of my skull! Starters included: crispy avocado, pork bon bons, thai fishcakes, padron peppers and satay prawns.

These were all so yummy and although I didn't sample the bon bons as I'm trying not to eat meat, the group I sat with definitely agreed these were their favourites! If you like fish then you HAVE to try the fishcakes as these were so so so good!

Mains included: crab tacos (my FAVE), salmon, vegetable skewers, cous cous salad, rocket salad, a burrito and a mini chicken basket. I loved that this course showcased all the different customers The Alchemist cater for, whether you eat meat, fish or are vegetarian or even vegan.

I assumed this was where the food would stop but OMG THE PUDDINGS(!) We were given the lemon polenta cake and belgian waffles to try but HANDS DOWN 100% the best dessert was the chocolate brownie with salted caramel sauce - like you actually need to go and try this!

Throughout the night we also tried two other cocktails, the Mad Hatter's tea party (pictured above and served in a tea cup) and a rhubarb and custard sour. Cocktails at The Alchemist have always been my fave but it was great getting to try ones I've never ordered before! As my first real experience of a bloggers' event, my evening at The Alchemist was really lovely and I'm so glad it's put me back in touch with my writing. 

If you're also interested in sampling the menu then The Alchemist Greek St will be holding a Culinary Circle X Sipsmiths event where you can sample the same 3 course sharing menu and gin tasting on the 6th July @ 7-10pm for a minimum of 6 per booking, which I'd highly recommend! 

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